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January 6th, 2013

The digital marketing blog was created to cater for those professionals (or not so professional!) wanting impartial and straight talking opinions on digital marketing strategies and technology.

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Technology - Change or Die

The reason I find the fast moving nature of the digital industry exciting is not just because the technology can do what it can do, but how it enables consumers and businesses to interact. But all this technology also brings challenges and a change or die attitude is imperative.
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Is this the Beginning of the End for Creative Agencies in Digital?

Its not news nor is it a revelation, but the relationship between creative and media agencies is broken. With creative agencies continuing down the path of dividing their businesses into account management and ideation its no wonder that the world of digital is something media agencies are praised for leading. Digital is an evolving, an […]
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5 Ways to Turn First Party Data into New Business

A study by eXelate in early 2013 discovered that over 60% of advertisers buying media programmatically do so with a preference for third party data. They went further by saying that CRM and 1st party data was less effective at driving sales due to its correlation with current customers and not new prospects. With such a […]
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How to Create a Killer Digital Campaign

First things first, there are no secret recipes for success. There is however a real benefit in understanding how to set up a business in order to breed success. Speaking from an agency perspective the hot topic is currently how the media and creative teams work together in order to deliver on those strategy promises.
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Viewability : Are we really wasting all those ad impressions?

A recent comScore study revealed that 54% of Display ads are not seen.  Given that the worldwide display spend is expected to be approaching $50billion you could state that over $25 billion marketing spend is wasted online. Certainly quite a simplistic view, but with such a complex ecosystem the digital advertising market has started to […]
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